Available for: Search Engine Server

Task: This command displays information about the specified collection (such as the number of documents in the index or the locale used).


aboutCollection collectionName

Function parameters

  • collectionName: The name of the collection for which information is to be displayed. For switchable collections this command refers to the offline collection.

Return value: Information about the collection in textform. If the specified collection does not exist, the error message "The collection ’collectionName’ does not exist" is displayed.

Example (extract)

SES>aboutCollection sportsNews
mkvdk - Verity, Inc. Version 5.0.1 (_ilnx21, Aug 6 2003)
Collection about resources:
  Last Purge Date: 19-Oct-2010 02:16:50 pm
  Creation Date: 16-Oct-2010 12:11:29 pm
  Modification Date: 19-Oct-2010 02:20:57 pm
  Last Squeeze Date: 0000000000
  Number of Documents: 64071
  Collection Creator: ACME
  Collection Name: sportsNews
mkvdk done