An account comprises the master data of an organizational unit maintained with the OMC, companies, customers, partners, clients, etc. In this manual, companies (sometimes also customers) is used to represent all these types of organizations.

An account consists of fields (“properties”) such as the company’s name, its main telephone number, website location, letter address and many more. As an OMC administrator, you can define any number of additional fields, which then become part of the company’s data.

All other data such as the contact persons and locations of an account does not belong to its master data. However, this data is linked to the account. Inquiries and diary entries are directly linked to contact persons and thus indirectly to accounts.

If you use the OMC to maintain your customer base, all contact persons connected with an account can be quickly accessed. However, also individuals or group accounts can be maintained.

After opening the account main page using the left-hand side navigation, the following functions are available:

  • Search in Accounts: Finds accounts that have the search term in their name.

  • New: Create an account and a contact person, or add a person to an existing account.

  • Import Records: Lets you import accounts or persons, or match existing data with uploaded records.

  • Collections: Collections are manually created or automatically generated lists of accounts you can define or use here. Analogously, there are collections of contact persons.

Searching for Accounts

Use the Form in the upper part of the account main page to search for accounts:


To have the list of all accounts displayed, leave the input field for the search term empty and click Search in Accounts or hit the enter key while the empty input field is focused. Enter a search term to find all the accounts whose name contains the search term. The list of matching accounts is then displayed:

Account search result

The number of hits per page is limited. Use the page navigation to the right to access other pages of the current search result. Click an account on a result page to open the details page of that account.