Activities are processes that consist of a sequence of steps. The Online Marketing Cockpit enables you to record processes of any kind, e.g. support cases, the course of action taken in negotiations, etc. This kind of recording makes processes transparent. Additionally, the OMC as a platform makes the processes as well as the persons and data linked to them accessible to every authorized OMC user.

An activity comprises central data, e.g. the account associated with it, a status, and custom fields. You can add diary entries to an activity each of which can be associated with a contact person and a responsible person (the latter usually being a staff member such as a sales agent or marketing person). Diary entries can be created either manually or automatically via a web services interface. The latter enables you to fully integrate your website into your business processes.

For tracing activities better, configurable overviews can be created automatically. Starting from such an overview, any desired set of activities can be selected for reviewing.