On this tab, important file fields as well as status information are displayed. Users to whom the administration permission for the file concerned has been given can modify the values of file fields.

Furthermore, file administrators can grant access permissions for the currently selected file to user groups. The permissions allow its owner to perform the following actions:

Access permission
Read version Users to whom this permission has been given are permitted to view all the fields of the file and its versions.
Edit draft version This permission allows users to modify the field values of a file’s draft version.
Administer file This permission is required for the following actions: delete, rename, or move the file; modify the file format, workflow, do not publish fields; release independently of a workflow, unrelease; grant or withdraw other users access permission. To delete a file that has never been released, the Edit draft version permission is sufficient.
Create files This permission only applies to folders. It is required to be able to create files in the folder.
Read live version This permission can be used in conjunction with the Portal Manager. Among other features, this NPS component provides document-specific access permissions for the visitors of your website. The groups to whom this permission can be granted may be different from those for the other permissions, if this has been configured like this by the administrator. If a file’s Read live version permission has been assigned at least one user group, only the respective group members are permitted to access the document concerned. Otherwise, all visitors may access it.

If you wish to reassign the groups, to which a permission has been granted, click on them. This will open a dialog in which the desired groups can be selected or deselected.