Basic Settings...

The basic settings (accessible from the Extras > Personal Settings menu) include important general settings such as the language used in the Content Navigator. Click Reset to default to restore the original settings provided by the administrator.

Start area

The Content Navigator’s area in which you wish to begin working after logging in, the start area, can be specified by selecting it from the Start area drop-down menu. The areas listed here depend on your user permissions.

Select Wizard Selection as start page if you prefer to work with wizards and wizards have been set up by the administrator.

Main folder

The main folder is the folder to appear at the topmost position (in place of the base folder) in the folder hierarchy after logging in. If you often only work with files contained in one folder, enter it here or select it using the selection dialog.


Select the language to be used in the user interface of the Content Manager.

Confirm workflow actions

After selecting workflow actions such as forward, commit, or release, you are normally asked to confirm that the action is to be performed. This behavior can be switched off by deactivating this option. Please note that for the give workflow action the confirmation dialog is nevertheless displayed since the recipient of the file must be specified in this case.

Send report as e-mail

Here you can specify whether you wish to be notified via e-mail about due reminders. This only applies to reminders to whose recipient list your login or one of your groups has been added.

The following prerequisites for receiving e-mail notifications exist: