Using the following web service, users can be imported from a CSV file into the OMC. The contents of the imported file must be UTF-8-encoded.

curl http://hostname/webservice/users/import \
  -u webservice:apikey \
  -X POST \
  --form-string 'csv=@path/to/file.csv'

The first line of the CSV file must contain the names of the user fields: login, full_name, email, roles. Example:

"amueller","Arnold Müller","","fulluser mailingadmin"
"csmith","Christine Smith","","fulluser"

If a user is to be assigned to more than one role, the roles need to be separated by a space character.

Importing users is a synchonization process to which the following rules apply:

  • Users created via the user interface of the OMC can neither be removed nor changed by means of the import.

  • Previously imported users no longer included in the import file will be removed from the OMC.

  • Users who are imported again are modified if their user data has changed. The primary key is login.

  • The roles of imported users are only taken into account if the corresponding option has been set for the roles. This makes it impossible to assign roles to imported uses that should not be assigned to them.