Campaigns are a mechnism for keeping track of any kind of actions, such as promotions, for example. Campaigns are visible in the Calendar.

In the left navigation bar, click Campaigns to open the campaigns main page:


As with other main pages, you can search for campaigns whose title contains a specific search term.

Click an item in the search results list to open the corresponding campaign:

Campaign details

Campaigns have the fields listed below. You can change the values of the fields by editing the campaign. To do this, click the Edit button in the upper part of the page.

  • Title: What the campaign is about (please use an expressive title)

  • Begin of Campaign: First day of the campaign

  • End of Campaign: Last day of the campaign

  • Responsible Person: A staff member who exists as a user in the OMC.

  • Responsible Rolle: One of the roles that were created in the OMC (e.g. Sales).

Click the New button on the Campaigns main page to create a new campaign:

New campaign

Specify a title, a start and an end date, and the responsible person or role. Then click Create.

The campaign now shows up in the calendar and can be opened by clicking it.

Campaign in the calendar