Categories Resource Reference

The categories resource can be accessed by means of the URL http://HOST/webservice/CALENDAR/categories where HOST and CALENDAR need to be replaced with suitable values. Always all categories of the calendar concerned are returned.

Search parameters for categories


Type: String. Specifies the API key. No default value exists. A valid API key must be specified for each query. Example:


Categories result

The fact that a request that was processed without any errors is indicated by the HTTP status code 200. In this case, an XML document is returned that has the following structure:

XML format of the categories result document

<element name="categories" xmlns="">
    <element name="category">
        <element name="name">
        <element name="name_de">
        <element name="name_en">
        <element name="name_fr">

Data fields of a category

  • name: Category name (default value for the languages not explicitly specified)
  • name_de: Category name in German language
  • name_en: Category name in English language
  • name_fr: Category name in French language

Sample categories result document

The web service call


produces the following result:

    <name>Sports:Sports &amp; Leisure</name>
    <name_de>Sport:Sport &amp; Freizeit</name_de>
    <name_en>Sports:Sports &amp; Leisure</name_en>
    <name_fr>Sport:Sport &amp; Loisir</name_fr>