Choose File Format (Extended)

Every file is based on a file format. The format determines, among other things, the type of the file and its version fields. File formats are created by administrators.

The dialog for selecting a file format is displayed

  • when you create a new file and more than one format exists for this new file. The formats available depend on the type of the file as well as, optionally, on the format of the folder in which the file is created.

  • when you change the format by means of the properties overview or the details view.

In the dialog, the titles of the available formats are listed. If only a small number of file formats is available or has been recently used, the dialog has no field into which the name of the desired format can be entered and optionally completed using the check button to the right of it. If only one format is available, only its title is displayed.

When the mouse cursor hovers over a file format, its name is displayed as a tooltip. If the number of available formats does not fit into the dialog, only recently used formats are offered for selection. For having displayed more formats, enter a part of the format name you are looking for into the input field (or clear the input field) and click the button on the right-hand side of it. You can now select the desired format by clicking the corresponding entry in the list:

Finally, click OK to confirm your decision.