Choose New Link Destination

This dialog, which is available from version 6.5.0, can be reached after clicking a link destination in the Unreachable Link Destinations dialog which is accessible via the Extras menu.

You can use this dialog to change all the links pointing to a file. In the upper area of the dialog you can find information about the link destination. The list below contains the CMS files in which one or more links point to the file concerned. Only files you are permitted to modify are listed. You can click a file in the list to select it in the Content Navigator and make changes to it if required.

In the upper part of the dialog, you can specify a new link destination for all the links that are contained in the files listed and that have the destination concerned. If the links point to an inactive file in the CMS (and not to an external destination), their common destination can also be specified using the file selection dialog by clicking the corresponding button. In the Content Navigator window which is then opened, you can navigate as usual, use bookmarks, or choose a different view. Confirm your file selection in the Content Navigator window by clicking its OK button. This causes the path of the selected file to be placed into the input field.

Then click Apply to store the new destination in the links of the corresponding files.

When link destinations are replaced, the following rules apply:

  • The link destinations are stored in links of draft versions whose editor you are. If the corresponding file also has a released version and if this version also contains links to the same unreachable destination, the destinations of these links are not corrected.
  • If the corresponding file only has a released version, it is copied to a draft version in which the corresponding links are provided with the new link destination. For the draft versions a new workflow is started in which you are made the current editor.
  • Links in committed versions are not corrected.

Please note that the files whose draft versions you have modified need to be released for the changes to take effect.