Choose View

This dialog as well as the menu item and the toolbar button with which it can be opened are not available if the Rails Connector is used and the preview of your Rails application has been integrated into the Content Navigator. In this case the draft versions of the CMS files are displayed in the preview. If a file does not have a draft version, the released version is used.

Used Versions

You can choose one of three combinations of the versions used for the preview and other views in the Content Navigator:

  • Draft versions: The draft versions of content and layout are preferred. If required, i.e. if no draft version is available, the system uses the released version instead.
  • Draft versions (Editorial): For displaying content, the draft versions are preferred. If a file only has a released version, this version is used. With layouts, the system behaves as in the Released versions mode.
  • Released versions: In this mode, only the released versions of the content and the layouts are used. With files that do not have a released version, the draft versions are not used as a replacement. Instead, the files are treated as if they were missing (which is, in fact, the case on the live server if no released version exists).

Drafts will cause released versions to be used as a replacement, if required. The reverse, however, is not the case.

The view modes affect the folder hierarchy (the titles displayed in it), the preview, the details view, and the source code view.

Layout Set

For the preview a set of layout files (in short layout set ) is used. A layout set consists of a certain amount of layout files of the same name. These files are located in different folders (by definition, since names must be unique in folders). For previewing files in a folder, the CMS uses the layout file of this name located in the folder concerned. If the layout file is not present, the CMS searches for it in the folder on the hierarchy level above the current one (i. e. in the parent folder). This is repeated until the layout file has been found. If even the base folder does not contain a layout file of the layout set's name, the name of the missing layout file is displayed instead.

Layouts can include other layout files of any name. If such an included layout is missing, a corresponding message is displayed.

Displaying Edit Markers

This option determines whether editing elements are displayed in the preview or not. Using editing elements, you can directly edit content (to which you have write access) in the preview, i.e. without having to switch to a different view.

Apply to all new windows and save as my personal preference

The effect of this setting is that your choices are stored in your personal preferences and are immediately applied to the the current and all future windows. Otherwise, only the current window is affected.