Colors and Fonts

On this page, which is accessible via the Extras > Personal Settings menu, the colors and fonts to be used in the Content Navigator can be configured:

Click Apply theme intermediately to apply all of the theme’s settings to this page without closing it. You can then select colors different from the theme’s respective colors, if you wish.

Click Reset to Default to restore the original settings provided by the administrator.


CMS Fiona includes several themes that differ with respect to the colors and icons used. Select the desired theme from the drop-down list. If you click Apply theme, all of the theme’s settings are immediately applied to the configuration page. Click OK, to apply the theme to the Content Navigator.


Here you can select the font and font size to be used in the Content Navigator.

Source code font

Here you can select the font and font size to be used for source code displayed in the Content Navigator.

Color Settings

By means of the other options on this page you can chose the colors to be used for individual elements of the user interface. Click the colored box next to the desired element description, for example background color, to open the color selection page. Here, click on the desired color (see Color Selection). Click OK to use the selected color.

Please note that the individual color settings override a theme’s corresponding colors. Therefore, it is required to click Apply theme to undo the changes made to individual colors.