Concurrent Users

All licenses that include the Content Management Server share the concept of a fixed number of concurrent users (CU). This number is defined in the cmConcurrentUsers subelement of the machine element and specifies the maximum number of sessions that may be active simultaneously, independently of the client used.

The Content Management Server counts and takes into account each successful login process. This means that users logged-on multiply under the same user name also count multiply.

Using the licenseManager command, which is described in the Tcl Reference Manual for the Content Management Server, the number of users logged into the server can be queried.

Shared CU

If a machine element includes the cmFloatingLicense component, the CU are available to all instances of the CM operated on this machine and are shared among these instances. For this to work, the instances are required to use a common database. Furthermore, the versions of the CMS Fiona installations to which these instances belong must have the same major version number (e.g. 6).

The CU will be assigned to the instances as required. Example:

Without floating licenses:

  • Instance A: 10 CU
  • Instance B: 10 CU
In total, 20 CU are available, however the maximum each instance can use is 10.

With Floating Licenses:

  • Instance A: 20 CU
  • Instance B: 20 CU
Again, 20 CU are available. However, the CU are assigned to the instances until none is left over.