Configuring Access to the Online Help

From version 6.7.0

The editorial system offers the documentation as PDF files to the users if this knowledge base cannot be accessed. It is no longer required to configure the origin of the online documentation.

From version 6.7.1, the PDF files are contained in a separate package that can be downloaded in the download section. Unpack the files into the directory instance/instanceName/webapps/GUI/NPS/doc to offer them to the users if they cannot access our Knowledge Base.

From version 6.0.3 Patch Pack 7 to version 6.6.1

Static help pages are provided and delivered (offline help). However, access to the online help from within the Content Navigator is possible and can be enabled by means of a configuration parameter (see below). If the client machines have access to our Portal, we recommend using the online help since it is continually updated and can be searched easily.

The online help can be activated in these versions by editing the web.xml file located in the GUI web application (instance/instanceName/webapps/GUI/WEB-INF/web.xml). instanceName stands for the name of the instance concerned.

The configuration parameters can be found among the initialization parameters of the HelpFilter filter. The following parameter can be configured:

Parameter Description Example

true: activates the online access to the knowledge base server.

false (default): displays the static help pages delivered within the package.


From version 6.0.3 to 6.0.3, Patch Pack 6

The help function of the Content Navigator fetches the help pages directly from the knowledge base server (online help).