Configuring Collections

New collections are created on the basis of configuration files. These files mainly determine the document zones to be indexed and the document fields to set in this process. Only those elements of the indexed documents that are treated as document zones can be transferred to document fields (see also Document Zones and Fields).

These properties of collections are controlled by so-called style files. When a collection is created (Administration Commands), the supplied style files located in the config/vdk/style directory are copied to the style directory below the collection directory. They are meant to be used as templates.

If you would like to change the basic properties of all future collections, you can change the zone and field definitions in the style templates. If, on the other hand, you would like to modify the configuration of a newly created collection, then you can edit the style files of this individual collection. The configuration of a collection to which documents have already been added should not be changed, unless it is purged with purgeCollection before. Changes to the configuration files of a collection must not be made during an indexing process. The Search Engine Server must be stopped first.

After having created a new collection, you should adapt the rules used to determine the collection into which CMS files are indexed (a CMS file can only be indexed into one collection). This can be done by means of the indexing.incrementalExport.collectionSelection system configuration entry. The search, however, always includes all collections unless the list of the collections to use is explicitly specified in the search request.