Configuring Internet Access for the Link Checker

Starting at version Version 7.0.0, the link checker verifies internal links only.

From version 6.5.0 CMS Fiona includes a link checker with which the availability of external http and https links can be tested. For this to work, the Content Management Server requires access to the internet.

The link checker does not verify SSL certificates.

Link Checker Configuration

URLs matching particular patterns can be excluded from link checking. Excluded URLs are alway treated as if they were available, meaning that they will never show up in the Content Navigator's list of unreachable link destinations.

Firewall Configuration

If the Content Management Server (CM) is operated behind a firewall (i. e. in a DMZ), please ensure that it can establish internet connections. For this, the following ports need to be enabled in the firewall:

  • http
  • https
  • dns for resolving external DNS names

Proxy Configuration of the CMS Systems

For checking external link destinations the Content Management Server can make use of a proxy. For this, set the http_proxy or all_proxy for the CMS user to your proxy server. See the libcurl documentation.

Example for Linux with bash:

export http_proxy=

If the proxy requires authentication, enter the following instead:

export http_proxy=http://username:password@proxyintern.firma.dmz:3128/