Configuring Reminder E-Mail Notification

Automatic e-mail notification for due reminders is set up in the following steps:

Specifying the Mail Server

To enable the system to send e-mail notifications it is required to specify the IP address of the mail server in the system configuration entry.

Setting an Execution Schedule for Sending E-Mail

The notification e-mail messages are sent by means of a dedicated system job, systemSendReminderNotifications. The job's task is to check each file in the CMS for due reminders. For each due reminder the job sends an e-mail message to the recipients specied in the reminder.

You can specify the intervals at which the e-mail messages are sent in the execution schedule of the job. Depending on your requirements you might wish to have them sent on a daily or weekly basis, for example.

Specifying the E-Mail Addresses of Users

The reminder notification messages are sent to those users in the reminder's distribution list whose e-mail addresses have been specified in the user management.

Changing the E-Mail Message

You can replace the standard notification message text with your individual text. This is accomplished by redefining the sendReminderNotification procedure in a tcl file of your choice. Place this file in the script directory cm/serverCmds of the instance concerned. You might use the standard procedure as a template. It has the same name and is defined in the reminderNotification.tcl file which is located in the standard script directory.