Configuring the PDF-Generator

The configuration of the PDF generator is limited to the paths of the layout and XSL files to use, and its own URL (to which the GUI sends conversion requests). These parameters are specified directly in the instance-specific menu configuration, /config/contentMenu.xml, by which the PDF generator is integrated into the Content Navigator. See the beans createPdfManual and updatePdfManual in this file.

Please note that a bean definition in the contentMenu.xml file is not effective if the same bean has already been defined in the itemRegistry.xml file.

The relevant configuration parameters are:

  • pdfDownloadUrl: the URL the GUI requests to have the PDF content generated and returned to itself.
  • xslPath: CMS path to an XSL file (e.g. /layout/pdfstylesheet.xsl) containig the XSL style sheet by means of which the XHTML output of the layout file is formatted. If no style sheet is given, an internal style sheet is used.
  • pdfTemplateName: the name of the CMS layout file used for generating the HTML input of the PDF generator.

After changes have been made to the configuration, the CM and the GUI must be restarted.

After a PDF file has been generated and stored in the CMS folder hierarchy as a resource, a link to the source folder is stored in this resource. This makes it possible to update the PDF without having to recall where its source folder is located. The link is stored in the pdfSource linklist field of the PDF resource. For this to work, this field must be created and added to the file format of the PDF resource. Sample field definition:

  • Name: pdfSource
  • Title: Source of the PDF document
  • Description: In this field, the PDF Generator stores a link to the source folder to be able to find the source later on when the PDF file is updated.
  • Type: Link list
  • Searchable in Content Manager: No
  • Searchable in live system: No
  • Input field type: Link list field