Configuring Themes

The appearance of the Content Navigator can be configured on a per-user basis. The settings required for this are accessible via the Content Navigator itself. Next to the font family and font size as well as individual color settings, several themes exist of which one can be chosen. A theme is a predefined set of colors, fonts, background images, and icons.

Each theme is located in an individual directory below the webapps/GUI/NPS/themes directory of the instance concerned and consists of image files plus a parameter file named index.xml. In the default theme, which has the title Sky (Default), the parameters contained in this file are commented so that their meaning can be easily unterstood.

A new theme can be created by making a copy of a theme directory first. Then the copied images and the copied parameter file can be modified as desired. The new theme directory only needs to contain the images different from the default theme. This applies analogously to the parameters in the new index.xml file.