Contact Persons

Contact Person refers to any person associated with an account in the OMC. Every person is associated with exactly one account. You can use named collections to put together any number of persons selected manually or automatically. These lists can then be used whenever required, e.g. as mailing recipient lists.

In the upper section of the contacts main page, a button bar offers the following functions to you.

  • New: Creates a new account and one contact person, or a new contact person for an existing account.

  • Import Records: You can import accounts and persons from a CSV file or match existing data with records that have been uploaded.

  • Duplicates: Finds duplicate contact person entries.

  • Collections: Displays the contact person collections available to you, and allows you to create new collections.

To find a particular person, select Contacts from the main navigation. Enter part of the person’s name or e-mail address into the input field and hit enter or click Search in Contacts. Then the results list will be displayed:

Contact list

When searching, leave the input field empty to have the list of all persons displayed. If also deactivated persons should show up in the search results, select the corresponding option.

If the search returns too many hits to fit on one page, the hits currently not displayed are accessible by means of the page navigation links above and below the list.

Contact list

To view or edit the details of a particular contact person, click the corresponding entry in the results list. This woll open the person’s details view.