The elements of this system configuration entry, which can be found in the instance-specific config/content.xml file, refer to the content.

  • anonymousWorkflowLog: Determines whether users initiating a workflow action or a file command remain anonymous (true) or are logged (false).
  • caseSensitiveObjectNames: The value of this key (true or false) determines whether the Content Manager distinguishes between upper and lower case letters with names of CMS files. Under Windows the value should be false whereas it should be true under Solaris and Linux. These values also are the default values. After the Content Manager has been started for the first time the value of this entry must not be changed any more. The value false only ensures that a folder never contains two files whose names differ only in case. The value does not influence, for example, how layout files are searched for during the export. Example: If a layout file named microNav exists, the exporter will not find it (independently of the value of caseSensitiveObjectNames) if the base layout contains the following instruction: <npsobj insertvalue="template" name="micronav" />
  • generateThumbnails: Determines whether thumbnails are generated for files that contain images (true) or not (false). Thumbnails are generated by calling the generateThumbnail callback in the share/script/cm/serverCmds/generateThumbnail.tcl file. By default, this callback calls a third party application (see the callback code).
  • genericDocumentsCanContainImages (from Version 6.7.1): Determines whether images con be imported into resource files (type generic) (true or false).
  • inputCharsets: The list of valid character sets for the inputCharset user configuration entry. When a file is imported, one of these character sets can be specified as the character set of the file. Example:
    <inputCharsets type="list">
  • The complete list of the supported character sets can be determined with the Tcl command encoding names.
  • invalidAnchorTargets: The list of invalid link targets. If a link in a version contains one of the targets listed here, the version counts as incomplete and cannot be released. Example:
    <invalidAnchorTargets type="list">
  • keepOldVersions: Activates or deactivates the versioning function and in doing so determines whether previously released versions should be kept or not (true or false).
  • linkChecker: Here you may define exceptions for external link checking available from version 6.5.0 of the CMS. Please notice that the link checker up from version 7.0.0 only verifies internal links. Each entry contains a pattern of valid URLs. HTTP codes less than 400 will always be considered valid. Additional valid HTTP codes may be specified. Without code pattern, any matching URL is valid. URLs and codes may be abbreviated by means of an asterisk. Furthermore, the response timeout in seconds (default:  5) can be specified (from Version 6.7.2)
        <entry urlPattern="*" httpCodePatterns="401,403"/>
        <entry urlPattern="*"/>
  • maxBlobSize: Limits the maximum size of the main content (HTML, text, binary data) of a file, regardless of the database used. The numerical value is expected to be in bytes and is set to 1GB (1073741824) as the default. A further database-specific limit can be set using the database configuration key. The smaller of these two optional values is used.
  • mimeTypes: With this entry file name extensionss are assigned to MIME types. The dictionary also determines the allowed file name extensions. The Content Manager uses this assignment in the preview, for example. Example:
    Please note that the main content (field body) of a version belonging to a file of the document or folder type is only processed by the Content Manager if the file name extension of the version has been assigned the text/html MIME type. Otherwise the contents of the main content is treated as pure text.
  • sortKey: The name of the field according to which files in folders are sorted when no sort key has been defined for these folders.
  • thumbnailSize: The size of the thumbnails (preview images) the generateThumbnail callback creates (see Thumbnail Function). Since thumbnails are square, the value defines both the height and the width of the image.
  • validAnchorTargets: The list of valid link targets. Editors can only use these targets when they edit links. Example:
    <validAnchorTargets type="list">
  • workflow: Global workflow settings
    • editStepMembershipRequiredForEditor: If true, stricter criteria apply when editing files subject to a workflow: An editor additionally needs to be a member of one of the groups of the pending editing steps of a file to be able to modify this file.