Content Navigator Settings

By means of this dialog that can be accessed via the Extras > Personal Settings > Content Navigator menu item several layout parameters can be configured. Use Reset to Default to restore the original settings provided by the administrator.


This option is used to specify the preferred view in the Content Navigator window, for example the tree view or the column view. For further information about these views see section Hierarchy Display.

Display narrow columns in the column view

This option specifies whether columns should be narrower as normal in the column view. If this option is selected, more columns can be displayed. However, long text lines in the columns (such als long file names) might be wrapped.

Show toolbar

Here the toolbar can be disabled to save space. All the functions can also be accessed via the menu.

Show menu

Specify here whether you wish the menu to be shown or hidden by default. You can show or hide it any time by clicking the divider between the menu area and the main area of the window.

Releative dates

Specify here whether you wish dates to be relative (example: active since February 2011) or absolute (active since 02 / 01 / 2011 15:36).

Display width

You can furthermore determine in this dialog the width of the selected view in relation to the details overview to the right. Use the scroll bars for this (click the target position).