The Web Services API of the OMC

The web service API of the Online Marketing Cockpit makes it possible to access the OMC via HTTP(S) from within applications to read out, modify, or create data.

For testing purposes, details of resources such as accounts, contacts, inquiries, or mailings can also be queried using a browser. For this, use a URL like this:


Access to the OMC is protected by means of Basic Authentication. Use webservice as the user name (login), and one of the API keys specified in the General Configuration as the password.

The variables in the URL above have the following meaning:

user_name User name (login), must be webservice.
api_key One of the API keys specified in the OMC's configuration section.
host_name The name of the host on which the OMC can be accessed.
port The host's port on which the OMC can be accessed (defaults to 3000)
entity_name One of the following strings:
accounts, contacts, inquiries, mailings, events, sessions
id The ID of the resource to be accessed.

In the following example, the data of the contact with the specified ID is queried. For better legibility, the API key was truncated. It needs to be at least 32 characters long.


The result of formally valid requests are standard HTTP responses whose status codes, 200 and 404, indicate whether the resource was accessible or not. The web service returns data or error messages as XML documents in the bodies of the responses. The syntax of valid requests as well as examples for result documents can be found in the following sections.

The requests are given in the form of curl commands. curl is a command line tool for making requests and viewing the responses.