Cut, Copy, Copy Tree, Paste

The Content Navigator has a clipboard for copying or moving CMS files from their location in the folder hierarchy to a different one. Here a couple of usage hints:

  • The clipboard works analogously to the clipboard in many operation systems. The commands for copying, cutting, and pasting can be accessed via the Edit menu.
  • In order to copy or cut a single file to the clipboard, select it in the hierarchy view and choose the corresponding command from the Edit menu.
  • Starting with version 6.9.0, a subtree whose origin is the selected folder can be copied to the clipboard by means of the Copy tree command from the Edit menu. Links whose source and destination files are located within the subtree are adjusted automatically.
  • Several files can be copied or cut by means of the list view. In the hierarchy, select the folder concerned and check the checkboxes of the files you wish to copy or cut. Then select the desired command from the Edit menu.
  • If the clipboard contains files, you can paste them into any folder, provided you have write accesss to this folder. Also, the layouts of the files to be pasted must be permitted layouts in the target folder. For each pasted file a draft version is created and a workflow is started. Thus, the files appear on the task list of the user group initially responsible for them.
  • If you do not wish to duplicate file content but want to make it available in a different location in the folder hierarchy instead, you can paste the clipboard contents as mirror files. However, if your website is delivered by a Rails application, mirror files will not work on the live website.
  • Files can also be pasted to the folder from which they were copied (but not cut). Since a folder cannot contain several files of the same name, the Content Manager renames them before it adds them to the folder. The new name is formed by appending the next available counter to the original name. The first copy of washington thus becomes washington1, the next one washington2, and so forth. Of course a file is not renamed if no other file with this name exists in the target folder.

Please note: If files are cut and then deleted, the clipboard will be emptied, meaning that the files are irrevocably lost.

The clipboard does not contain copies of the files that have been cut or copied but only references to them. Files that have been cut to the clipboard are only removed after they have been pasted to the folder hierarchy.

If files are copied or cut to the clipboard, the contents of the clipboard is overwritten with these files. Thus, nothing can be added to the clipboard.