Data and Usage Concepts

Our Online Marketing Cockpit integrates your website with an intelligent customer management and customer care system. It combines several instruments for cultivating your relationship with customers over the web as well as personalizing content. All this is provided by one easy-to-use application.

The OMC makes it possible to offer many functions to your customers, functions for each of which, normally, a separate, isolated tool is required: registering with you, logging in, making customer support requests and extending them, subscribing to or unsubscribing from newsletters, commenting or rating web pages, and many more. These self-service functions increase the efficiency on both sides and facilitate the web-based dialogue between your company and its customers.

The OMC also helps you to determine the effectiveness of marketing actions such as mailings, and it supports you in finding the dark corners on your website. For this, a tracking module is available as an option.

The data you store, analyse and use in conjunction with the OMC is divided into several categories. There are accounts, contact persons, inquiries, mailings, and events, to name just the most important ones. The pieces of data in these categories are associated with each other. For example, every contact person belongs to an account, every inquiry is associated with the person who made it and thus, indirectly, with the corresponding account.

Essentially, an account comprises master data. This data includes relevant pieces of information about the organization represented by that account. The contact persons of this organization are separate entities. Every contact person is associated with exactly one account.

Analogously, also other pieces of data are associated with each other. Here a few examples:

  • Locations are addresses associated with an account. To every contact person of this account, one of these locations can be assigned.
  • Activities are actions that are related to a contact person and that were associated with them, either manually (like for an incoming call) or automatically (like for the person’s commenting on a web page). Since a person is always associated with an account, the account’s activities can also be viewed collectively.
  • An inquiry is also associated with a contact person.

You can acquire, edit, analyse and use your data fast, conveniently and fault-tolerant - by means of either the web interface or the web services API.