This command from the Edit menu, which is available from version 6.5.0, serves to remove files workflow-controlled from the live web presence. This is achived by making them temporally invalid. The command is only available for active files.

CMS Fiona deactivates a file by expiring its draft version. For a released file that has no draft version, a draft version is created as a copy of the released version. This draft version is then expired.

The inactive draft version can be released in accordance with its workflow. An inactive draft version is always considered complete, meaning that it can be released even if it contains unresolved links, for example.

If one of the workflow steps Edit or Unrelease is performed after deactivation, the validity period of the resulting draft version is reset. This means that the draft version is valid from then on for an unlimited period of time.

Please note that the view you selected in your personal settings determines how deactivated files are displayed in the tree, column, list, and thubnail view. If, for example, a file has a deactivated released version of which a draft version is created, the file is deactivated in the live view while in the editorial view (in which the draft versions are displayed) it is not.

If you have chosen to have inactive files displayed (using the View > Show files > Inactive files menu item), they will be displayed striken out:

Inactive file in the Navigator

A file is also inactive if

  • the validity period of the version displayed ends in the past or begins in the future,

  • it neither has a released nor a draft version (it will then be marked as inactive in all views),

  • it has a draft version but no released version and the live-server view was chosen.

You can deactivate files by means of the menu, the toolbar, or via the Tcl interface.