Define Reminder

Using this dialog, which can be accessed via the Workflow menu, you can define a new reminder for the file currently selected in the Content Navigator or edit the existing reminder of the file.

Every reminder is associated with one or more recipients. By means of the corresponding input field you can specify or select the users or the groups for which the reminder is created and add them to the recipient list.

To define the date of the reminder, select from the drop-down menu a period relative to the current date or enter a specific date. A specific date can also be selected by means of the calendar.

If the administrator has enabled the e-mail notification for reminders, the recipients will receive e-mail notifications at regular intervals (defined by the administrator). Each time the e-mail notifications are sent, each recipient will receive at most one e-mail informing him about the files that are due. If the recipient list contains user groups, the CMS automatically determines their members.

If required, enter in the comment field an informative text describing the task or indicating its urgency.