Defining Menu Entries

All menu and toolbar items of the standard configuration are registered in the itemRegistry.xml file. It is recommended to not edit the itemRegistry.xml file since it is replaced during updates. Edit the file contentMenu.xml instead.

If the file is changed anyway, additional menu commands need to be of a general nature, meaning that they must only refer to file formats, fields etc. present in the standard configuration. As with other menu commands, the items can be referenced in the menu (menuBar.xml) or in the toolbar (toolBar.xml) and thus be integrated into the Content Navigator.

Every item in the beans element of itemRegistry.xml and contentMenu.xml is a bean. All bean elements have the same structure:

  <bean id="..." class="...">
    <property name="...">...</property>

The identifier specified as the id must be unique, as class a Java class known to the system is specified.

For details on defining additional menu commands see section Configuring Custom Commands.

If such commands depend on the existence of a particular folder hierarchy, of file formats, fields and the like, they need to be defined in the file contentMenu.xml. This file is part of the content and can be found in the instance-specific config directory.