Defining Stopwords

Stopwords are words that can be found very often in texts (articles, prepositions, etc.) and therefore lead to a large number of irrelevant search results when searching for them.

With search queries in whose search text stopwords occur – however not exclusively – the hits relating only to one or more stopwords can be suppressed. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the desired stopwords into the the file installation_dir/3rdparty/vdk/common/uni/vdk30.stp. Place each stopword onto an individual line. (As a template you might use the stopwords in the files installation_dir/3rdparty/vdk/common/uni/stopword.xx.)
  2. Restart the SES.

The defined stopwords will now be observed in search queries using the FREETEXT operator. Example: If "the" has been defined as a stopword, the search query

<#FREETEXT> "the Teddy"

will find only documents containing the word "Teddy".

If a FREETEXT search query exclusively contains stopwords, they will not be ignored.