Demands on Start Pages

The start pages in an online system play a special role in user prompting. The following demands should therefore be considered during conception and design of start pages:

  • On every start page the visitor should get the most complete overview possible of the contents and structure of subordinate areas.
  • Direct links to subdocuments with sufficient content descriptions should be offered to the visitor.
  • The list of subdocuments must be up-to-date and complete.

With completely manually maintained tables of contents these criteria can usually only be fulfilled unsatisfactorily. Particularly in areas with frequently changing content (news, press releases, event calendars, trade-fair previews, among others) maintenance of the list of contents is work intensive and subject to error. CMS Fiona therefore makes NPSOBJ instructions available with which tables of contents can be automatically created. Their significant advantages:

  • After initial creation, absolutely no maintenance is required for the table of contents.
  • The entries of the table of contents automatically appear on the start page after a subfile is created and released. After a file is deleted it no longer appears in the overview.
  • Specific information such as creation date, author, etc. can automatically be published by reading out the corresponding fields.
  • If the fields Valid from and Valid to are given values, the file only appears in the table of contents during the publication time period.