Updating the HTML Editor (EOP)

We recommend not to update RealObjects' edit-on Pro (EOP) HTML editor, which is part of CMS Fiona, if there is no reason to do so. If you still wish to update your EOP, please proceed as described below. Only perform an update if you have a valid EOP license.

  1. Download the latest EOP ZIP archive for Fiona from our website. This archive contains a complete EOP for CMS Fiona.

  2. Please note that the current EOP version only works with Java 1.7.0_45 and later. Due to changed security regulations in combination with a bug in this Java version, the current EOP is not compatible with older Java versions.

    If your editorial staff still uses an older version of Java, please download the archive containing the last EOP version for Fiona that works with all older Java versions.

  3. Extract the eop directory of the ZIP archive to a temporary directory on the CMS server.

  4. Make a backup of the original eop directory located in instance/instanceName/webapps/GUI/NPS/eop of your CMS installation directory.

  5. If you changed your previous EOP, especially in eopCustomization.js, config.xml, or uiconfig.xml, copy the changes from the existing eop directory of the GUI web application to the new temporary eop directory.

  6. Replace the previous eop directory in the GUI web application with the new eop directory.

  7. Finally, restart the GUI. If you click the blue info button, the new version number should be displayed. If this is not the case, please clear the Java and the browser cache and try again. You can now start using the editor.

  8. The above-mentioned changes to the Java security regulations also affect the dialog for editing content using a local application. This dialog is also based on Java. Therefore, you additionally require a new version of this applet if you are using Java 1.7.0_45 or later. Please contact our customer support regarding this.