Next to important file and version fields the access permissions of the logged-in user with respect to the currently selected file are displayed:

Access permission
Read version Users to whom this permission has been given are permitted to view all the fields of the file and its versions.
Edit draft version This permission allows users to modify the field values of a file’s draft version.
Administer file This permission is required for the following actions: delete, rename, or move the file; modify the file format, workflow, do not publish fields; release independently of a workflow, unrelease; grant or withdraw other users access permission. To delete a file that has never been released, the Edit draft version permission is sufficient.
Create files This permission only applies to folders. It is required to be able to create files in the folder.

Additionally, in this area, the fields of the version are displayed, divided into field groups.

The fields and the field groups are customer-specific, i. e. might have been set up by an administrator.

Editing a File Field

If you have been granted the administration permission for a file, you can edit its file fields such as the name or the format. To do this, click the corresponding field value. A dialog page whose input fields depends on the type of the field to edit is then displayed.