Diary Entries

The Online Marketing Cockpit enables you to add any number of diary entries to a contact person. A diary entry is a note that can be created manually or automatically. For example, your employees can record discussion results, a customer’s fields of interest or other useful pieces of information related to contact persons as diary entries. The OMC itself only creates a diary entry when a new website password or incoming call notification was generated. Since the OMC can also be used as a web service, you can have the OMC generate the diary entries you require by implementing the corresponding functions in your web application. For example, you might want to record file downloads, unsubscription from newsletters, comments made by registered visitors, and the like.

All diary entries have the same format. They are linked to the corresponding contact person and thus also to the account to which the person belongs. With diary entries that were created manually, the contact person can be selected. Furthermore, the entries include the following data:

Entry type Call, E-mail, Visit, Other
Title The subject of the entry
Notes Contents (text) of the entry
Creation date/
Last updated
Points in time, cannot be changed

Viewing the Diary Entries of a Person or an Account

You can search all the diary entries stored in the system. To do this, first open the Diary Entries overview using the corresponding item from the main navigation to the left. Then enter the search term into the corresponding form field and click Search. The matching entries will be displayed:

The first diary entries

To view the diary entries of a person or an account, please first navigate to the person or account. Then, from the Show All menu on the Actions tab, select the Diary menu item:

Button for a persons diary entries

If you selected a contact person, her diary entries will now be displayed. Otherwise the entries of all the persons belonging to that account will be displayed. Check Show Details in the search form for having extend information displayed for each entry in the list. The latest entry is the topmost one in the list.

A persons diary entry

Next to its creation time, each diary entry in the list has an icon attached to it which denotes the type of the entry. Forthermore, its title as well as the user who created it (or webservice) are displayed. For account diaries, the contact person to which an entry refers is also displayed.

You can create a new diary entry using the New button above the list. By means of the Show All button you can open the list of activities or mailings, for example.

Click an entry in the list to open it for viewing its details:

Diary entry details

You can edit the entry after clicking the corresponding button included in the menu of the entry. However, this button is only enabled for entries that were created manually. Diary entries cannot be deleted. Therefore, the corresponding button is disabled.

Note that the navigation above the main part of the page (context navigation) enables you to quickly switch to the activity or the person with which the diary entry is associated.

Creating a Diary Entry

To create a diary entry, first navigate to the details page of the contact person or account concerned. Then, from the menu of the Actions tab, choose Diary Entry. The following form will be displayed:

New diary Entry

If the diary entry is created from within the details view of an account, the form includes a drop-down menu from which the contact person can be chosen.

Fill in the form and click Create. The diary entry will be automatically linked to the contact person you selected.