Edit Fields

Using this dialog, version fields can be edited. For a better overview and easier editing, CMS administrators assign version fields to so-called field groups. For each file format, individual field groups can be created. This is why there is no unique dialog for editing fields. Here is an example:

Depending on the field type, different input fields exist with which the field value can be specified:

  • Character strings such as the title of a version can be entered directly.
  • HTML values can be edited in a simple text input field or using one of the available editors, the integrated HTML Editor or a local application.
  • Date fields can be filled-in manually or using the date selection dialog.
  • The value of a selection field can be specified by means of a drop-down menu.
  • With multiple selection fields the individual values can be selected using checkboxes or a multi-selection list.
  • Links are defined using several input fields.

For some fields such as the file format, CMS Fiona offers a completion function (identifiable by a button with a green check):

Enter into the input field a part of the name or title of the value to search for or leave the input field empty. If you then click the green check button, your input will be completed immediately, provided that only one value matches your input. If several values exist, they are offered to you for selection in a list. Click the desired value to have it placed into the input field, then confirm your selection by clicking OK.