Edit Links

There are different kinds of links that are described in section Link Management. Using this dialog, you can edit links contained in the main content or in HTML fields of a draft version:

Links can have a title which is displayed as a tooltip by most browsers.

The target of a link can be internal or external. Internal links point to a file in the folder hierarchy of CMS Fiona. Example:


External links are URLs pointing to any target outside the CMS. Fiona recognizes them by the protocol identifier (http:, ftp:, mailto:, etc.). External paths, i. e. paths whose target is not a CMS file must be prefixed with external:. Examples:


An anchor is a position in a file at which the browser is to diplay the file. Links to images do not have anchors. The frame is the name of a browser window in which the link target is to be displayed. Select New Window, if the link target should always be displayed in a new window.

You can select the path of the link target by means of a new Content Navigator window by clicking the selection button. With internal links you can now navigate the folder hierarchy and change the display mode (from tree to column view, for example) or import a file. With external HTTP and HTTPS links you can navigate on the correspondig page. Use the History or Bookmarks menu to switch to a page you have visited or defined before.

If the link target is a file, you can specify its path using a new Content Navigator window, by clicking the selection button. Here choose the desired file. If you wish, change the display mode (from tree to column view, for example) or import a file.

Finally, click OK to return to the previous page. Click OK there too after you have finished entering the link data.

Only free links can be deleted directly via the link editing dialog. Links contained in the main content or in an HTML field of a draft version need to be removed manually.