Editing Content Using a Local Application

In your personal preferences you can define local applications for editing the main contents of the draft version if the format of the file concerned permits this. Having configured a local application for a file name extension such as .html, you can use the Edit main content with... command in the Edit menu and specify Local application as the editor to use.

This causes a Java applet to start (on your local computer) the program associated with the file name extension:

The applet saves the content to be edited in a temporary file and passes the path of this file to the local application. After you have saved your changes and finished editing the file, click OK in the applet to save the content in the draft version of the CMS file concerned. This will close the applet.

With Fiona 6.6.1 and later, the content being edited can be saved to the draft version using the Save button so that you can preview your changes without having to close the applet.

Please note that saving always requires two steps. At first, the content needs to be saved using the local application. Then it must be written to the CMS using the applet.