Editing Elements (Markers)

Editing elements, referred to as "Action Markers", allow you to edit content (field values and links) from within the preview. The editing elements are only visible for field values and links if you have the permission to edit the version in which the respective field value or link is contained.

If you hold the mouse pointer over an editing element, the source and target of links or, respectively, the origin of field values are displayed in a tooltip. Click such an icon to edit the link or field value.

The editing elements in the preview have the following function:

Elements for editing links and field values
Edit a link.
Edit an image link.
Edit the value of a field contained in the previewed version.
Edit the value of a field contained in a version different from the one currently displayed.

The administrator has the possibility to add further editing elements such as wizards or help texts to the preview.

In the preview, editing elements are also available for mirror files. The elements affect the corresponding original files.