CMS Fiona provides you with flexible, powerful software to create, maintain and publish extensive online systems (websites). The Content Management Server is the main component of this system. It administers your documents and gives you the possibility to design and edit them in a controlled way.

A website is a complex construction. It consists of many areas with different characteristics with regard to topic, layout and function. It is created, maintained and expanded jointly by editors, designers and administrators, perhaps even programmers. Your company’s web presence should always be up-to-date and attractive and the corporate design should be consistent. The Content Management Server helps you to achieve this.

You can create users and user groups via the user interface of the Content Management Server. You can add users to groups and define their authorizations by granting them permissions. You control a group’s access to each individual file via user groups. You can create workflows and connect each work step to a user group. You can then determine which groups may use which formats via global permissions.

Formats and fields give you the possibility to determine the properties of all files and to make them dependent on their position in the folder hierarchy. You can specify the workflows you have defined in formats in order to specify the stations the file has to come across in your company. Using jobs, you have a means at your disposal that you can use to define Tcl scripts via the HTML user interface and have them run at set times.

Although these means are powerful, they only become effective when all the responsibilities of those involved are gathered together in detail and the structure of your website is fixed. They then contribute to making your work more efficient.