Executing the Search Engine Server

The Search Engine Server is installed together with CMS Fiona. It is therefore shown only briefly here how the Search Engine Server is started.

Under Linux and Solaris, the Search Engine Server can be executed as follows by the user under whose login the CMS was installed:

~/instance/default/bin/rc.npsd start SES

If you would like to start the Search Engine Server of a different instance, replace default with the respective directory name. Instead of start, you can alternatively use the parameters stop, restart, or status as arguments to the start script rc.npsd in order to stop the server, make a restart or have it return its status.

The instance directory is located below the CMS installation directory.

Please note that under Windows, you need to be logged-in as an administrator in order to start the Search Engine Server. You can execute it by means of the Windows start menu.

Please note that the Search Engine Server, the Content Management Server, and the Template Engine need to be adjusted to each other in order to be able to communicate with each other within a Fiona installation. Adjustments are also necessary with respect to the collections to be used, if you want to use more or other collections than are pre-configured.