Exporting Individual Files via the GUI

By means of the following URL schema, individual CMS files can be exported and displayed in the browser. The request fetches the preview of the file via the GUI.


The placeholders have the following meaning:

  • host: The name of the server on which the GUI is running.

  • port: The port on which the GUI is running.

  • instance_name: The name of the instance concerned.

  • template_name: The name of the layout file to be used.

  • options: A number yielded by adding the desired options. Each option is represented by a number:

    • Prefer draft versions of all files except layouts = 1
    • Prefer draft versions of layout files = 2
    • Show edit buttons = 4
    • Enable PM support = 8
  • path: The path of the file to be exported.

Please note that opening such an URL does not cause the CMS file concerned to be exported on the live server. This is only possible when files are exported statically using the exportSubtree command.