Finish Editing

This dialog page can be opened using the Workflow > Finish editing menu command. It displays a list of the files with which one of the workflow actions forward, commit, sign or release can be performed:

You can sort the list by the criteria given in the list header. For this, click the desired sort criterion. The criterion by which the list is currently sorted and the sorting direction are indicated by a small arrow.

For each file the next step specified in the file’s workflow is offered. If the workflow is in the editing phase and you are currently not the editor of the file, you will be offered to take over the file if you are permitted to edit it and no other step is available to you.

Tick the checkboxes next to the files for which you wish to perform the workflow step offered and click OK.

In contrast to the task list, the list in this dialog does not contain incomplete files, i. e. files containing unresolved links, for example.