Fixed Bugs

Editing interface

  • The integration of TinyMCE for editing HTML fields has been consolidated. (ID 13677, ID 13697)
  • Downloading files via the the user interface no longer impairs it.
  • Using the column view, files can now be selected again without causing undesired effects. (ID 13694)
  • It is now possible to log in using Internet Explorer even if the password contains special characters. (ID 13695)
  • A submitted object is no longer displayed as deactivated. (ID 13685)
  • The initial preview mode now works again. (ID 13692)


  • LDAP user management: If the simple user ID resolver is used, the configured UserFilter is now taken account of. (ID 13705)
  • Portal Manager: The search portlet now also works with Java 8. (ID 13702)
  • Temporary files no longer in use are now removed. (ID 13700)