How the PDF Generator Works

PDF files are generated by means of the preview function, using a layout file. The layout file might, for example, read out the main content of all files contained in a folder, concatenating them to a single HTML document which is then passed to the PDF generator for conversion. The versions of the files used for this depend, as is the case for the normal preview, on the view chosen in the View menu of the Content Navigator.

Prior to generating the PDF file, the corresponding HTML text is cleaned using tidy, and the following HTML elements are removed: font, npspm, form, input, textarea.

As mentioned above, an XSL style sheet file is used for converting the HTML document to a PDF file. The resulting PDF file is placed in the folder where the source file is located.

Both the XSL file and the layout file can be configured and are maintained in CMS Fiona itself.

The PDF generator is based on the Formatting Objects Processor 0.20.5 / 0.93 (Version 1.0 / 1.1).