Installing the PDF Generator

The PDF generator is delivered as a Java web archive named infopark-pdf-generator.war. It is contained in the archive that can be obtained on request from our customer support. To install the PDF generator, stop the CMS and deploy the web archive in the following way:

  • Place infopark-pdf-generator.war into a directory of your choice, for example into instance/default/webapps in the CMS directory.

  • Add the license file license.xml to the infopark-pdf-generator.war file (adapt /path/to to match the directories into which you placed the files):

    cd /tmp mkdir WEB-INF
    cp /path/to/license.xml WEB-INF
    zip -r /path/to/infopark-pdf-generator.war WEB-INF
    rm -r WEB-INF
  • Run the following Trifork command from the command line to create a new system container, infopark-pdf-generator:

    TriforkDir/domains/default/bin/trifork system create infopark-pdf-generator

    TriforkDir refers to the directory of the Trifork Application Server.

  • Run the following Trifork command from the command line to deploy the new web application:

    TriforkDir/domains/default/bin/trifork archive deploy infopark-pdf-generator \

    Again, specify the correct Trifork path and the full path of the infopark-pdf-generator.war archive.

After the installation, the PDF generator should be configured.