CMS Fiona is a Web Content Management System for enterprises. It is mainly used for producing HTML pages and publishing them in the World Wide Web. However, Fiona can also be used for a variety of other tasks, for example for managing a large number of documents or image files.

The editorial system of the CMS, i. e. the Content Navigator, can be operated using a web browser. The editor’s and layouter’s work is made easier by means of the professional search engine by Autonomy (formerly Verity) running in the background, several applications for editing HTML text, and the possibilty to integrate local applications for content editing. Workflows and the user-specific task list help to structure your work and assure the quality of the results.

In Fiona, the output (HTML, XML, or other text formats) is generated and controlled by means of layout files (in short: layouts). The layouts can be designed in way that enables editors to input content without having to know anything about HTML. The layout files generate the layout of the pages and insert content at the places designed for it. Layout and content are stored in separate files. By this means, the layout of any number of pages can be influenced by changing a single layout file.

The documents in this section describe how editors can create and edit content using the Content Navigator. The explanations in this online manual refer to the English-language user interface with the default settings of the Content Manager. The explanations are neutral with respect to the operating system and the browser used. If problems arise with one of these products, please consult the respective manual.