Link Management

CMS Fiona includes automatic, bidirectional link management which helps you to focus on your work with content instead of manually maintaining links. If a version field contains a link to a file, the link is automatically updated the moment one of the two files is moved or renamed. Link management ensures that the links of a web site produced with the CMS are consistent. CMS Fiona does not publish links to non-exportable files, i. e. files that are nonexistent, incomplete or temporally invalid.

The CMS differentiates between several types of links:

  • Links in the text (links in the main content and HTML fields) are links to other files managed by CMS Fiona (internal links) or to files (web pages, images, etc.), which are not managed by the CMS (external links). All the links (such as <img scr="...">) in your HTML code (i. e. in the main content and in HTML fields) and in export instructions are maintained by link management.
  • Free links are called free because they are not contained in text fields but in so-called link lists – a special field type. They are used to associate the version to which they are assigned via the linklist field with other files or web pages. When a version is published, its free links can be output as a collection of links

The following link types are rather special. They are used primarily by designers.

  • Inclusion link: It is possible to insert the main content of one version into the main content of another version. This is done by means of the export instruction includetext, which the CMS manages as a link. External web pages cannot be transferred into the main content of a version in this way.
  • Context links are generated by the system when the NPSOBJ-context instruction is used in a layout to change the context, i. e. another file is temporarily made the current file.
  • Dynamic links are generated from references specified in NPSOBJ-insertvalue-dynamiclink instructions. Such instructions are used to generate code in the syntax of script languages.

In the Content Navigator, the links contained in the version currently displayed are listed in the details view. These links can be modified separately on a dialog page.