It is not required to install CMS Fiona as the root user. However, the user installing the CMS needs to have write permission in the installation directory. It is recommended to install the CMS as the user who starts it later on. CMS Fiona should only be started as the root user if port numbers less than or equal to 1024 are used. The user who starts the CMS requires write permission in the installation directory hierarchy as well.

To install CMS Fiona, please run the script. Therefore, please switch to the directory where the script is located and execute it from within this location. The script first queries information such as the destination directory and then installs the CMS components.

For running CMS Fiona, Java 1.6 or later is mandatory. Older Java versions are not supported.

After the installation a welcome page is displayed in the browser. From here, the login page can be reached. By default, you can log-in to the Content Management Server as the user root using the empty password.

For security reasons, the passwords of the CMS applications and the Trifork Application Server should be changed after installation.