List Reminders

Using this dialog, you can have all your reminders displayed. Furthermore, you can search for reminders that match particular criteria. You can select the function you wish to use from the drop-down menu in the upper area of the dialog.

My Due Reminders

The dialog shows all due reminders of the current user. A reminder is considered due if its due date has been reached. In the list, for each file additional information such as the recipients, the due date, and the comment is given.

Click an entry in the list to navigate to the corresponding file in the Content Navigator.

The Edit and Delete buttons refer to all the reminders that are checked.


The list of reminders present in the CMS can be filtered using the following criteria:

  • a receiver,
  • a range of due dates,
  • a subtree in the folder hierarchy

The default criteria are the current user and due dates in the past.

Click the Search botton to run the search with the specified criteria.