List View

List view icon in the toolbar

In the list view all files in a folder are displayed as a list. In the navigation below the toolbar, click the name of a folder to have its contents displayed in the list. If you click a folder in the list itself, this folder is opened in the list view.

In order to change the sorting direction from ascending to descending and vice versa, click Name in the list’s head.

In the list view, any number of files can be selected by means of the check boxes to the left. Click the checkbox in the list’s head to select all files in the list.

To the selected files, the workflow commands from the Edit menu can be applied. If a workflow command cannot be applied to one or more of the files, a corresponding message will be displayed.

Using the list view, any number of files in a folder can be comfortably deleted by selecting the files and choosing Delete from the Edit menu.