Local Applications...

CMS Fiona 7.0.0 and later no longer includes this function. Instead, Fiona lets you edit binary files locally after downloading them.

This command can be reached via the Extras > Personal Settings menu. It opens a dialog with which content in the CMS can be assigned the corresponding applications on the local PC so that the content can be edited using the appropriate local application.


Draft versions can be edited using a local application if this has been determined by the system administrator in the format of the file concerned. The file is opened locally by means of a Java applet. This means that using Java applets must be permitted, and Java must have been enabled in your browser. If these prerequisites are met, the corresponding application can be executed on your computer by means of Java. You do not need to manually download and open the file.

After finishing your work with the local application, click OK on the Java applet page to upload the file to the CMS.

Using this Dialog

Using this menu command, you can specify for each file name extension the path of the application to be used. If you want to pass commandline arguments to the application, please use the following format:

xterm -title "Editor Window" -bg pink -fg black -e vi

Use double quotation marks to prevent single arguments containing spaces from being interpreted as several arguments.

In the bottom area of the dialog you can also specify which character set folder, document, or layout files are to have when they are edited. This is useful for editing them with local applications that do not support UTF-8. The file will be converted back to UTF-8 when it is imported into the CMS after editing.

Click Reset to Default to restore the original external editors settings provided by the administrator.